Often taken for granted in developed countries, access to primary care remains a challenge in Timor-Leste.

Primary Care is the first step in changing the health of a nation

We deliver primary care to identify the patients’ health status and potential life threatening illnesses

Patients seen per day

Average patients with serious illness cared for per day

Cost to patients

Our patients’ demographic covers all corners of Timor-Leste, with many of them walking for days in order to receive the necessary treatment they require. Our ethos at the clinic is simple, no one is turned away and every patient is seen to by the end of the day. Primary care is essential to one’s general well-being and plays a vital role in early detection. The clinic is proud to be able to offer such a high level of care and ensure better health to our patients.

GP Style Consultations

Bairo Pite Clinic plays a large role in providing first contact health care in a safe, trusting environment.

Our doctors and allied health workers screen, reassure , treat and educate as many people as possible to find those who need help; nobody is turned away.

Dr Joaquina

Dr Joaquina

Trainee Doctor

“We might only be able to spend a short time with each patient, but in that time we can check their heart for rheumatic fever, listen to their lungs for signs of TB and other respiratory problems, and give them good advice to help them understand that their ailment is probably not serious. We are also currently working on further developing the capacity to screen more babies and children for malnutrition.

If we can find all of the serious cases each day and either admit them or refer them on for specialist treatment then we have done our job”

Acute Care

Frontline care when time is of the essence

One of the most important and overlooked part of primary care is for those who have had an accident. Whether it be cuts and abrasions from motorbike accidents, or an infected hand, Bairo Pite Clinic delivers important acute care.

When a patient presents with an acute injury, the staff will make an assessment with less serious conditions being treated at the Clinic. Should the injury be serious and life threatening the patient is then referred to the National Hospital for appropriate treatment.

Bairo Pite Clinic also plays a vital role in follow up treatments such as getting motor accident wounds re-dressed (very common in a country with poor roads and a heavy reliance on motorbikes).


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