Fundraising Update

We have had functions large and small in the last few months that help keep Bairo Pite Clinic running. Those who attended the Fox Ground music festival near Wollongong will know that it was a day to remember raising over $40,000. We all gathered for an evening...

“Little BOB”

  Can you imagine living out the back of the open market, under a piece of tin, below the spreading branches of a banyan tree, during the rainy season? Two year old Little Bob came into BPC during the middle of April. SHE was 7.1 kg and her middle upper arm...

Our microscopy team leader Mana Lola has completed a 3 month induction

Our microscopy team leader Mana Lola has completed a 3 month induction with Madre Lucia from the order SSPS.
Lola is very proud of her student and asked that we give Madre Lucia a certificate.
She has learned how to prepare slides and how to spot the tiny pink dots in a chain that signify TB infection.
Madre Lucia works with the Sisters at the Rest House and clinic in Becora providing care and support and TB treatment in the community.

International Womens Day at the clinic

Today, on the International Womens Day, with the theme, ‘Pledge for Parity’ our Womens Health and Social Care Worker, Sidalia organised a short ceremony to announce the International Womens Day. The staff collected from each other and purchased individual...

Lack of rain is of grave concern in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste’s main economic sector is subsistence rain-fed agriculture, on which 80 percent of the country’s poor and 90 percent of the rural poor depend for their livelihood. Traditional staple foods are maize and cassava, but rice is replacing these as the preferred...

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